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Title: Sick Beat
Artist: Kero Kero Bonito


Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this

#[muffled shy boy by secret playing in the distance] #babby #صدقه #exo


Barbapapa, photographer Isabelle Chapuis 

problematic things that needs 2 stop in the kpop fandom



  • say random ass korean words ‘oppa’ ‘wae’ ‘saranghae’ ‘selca’(i’ll give u a pass on some when there aren’t english equivalents like ‘maknae’ - except for ‘oppa’ it depends on the context but 99% its annoying af) even if u use it ~ironically~
  • call idols with ‘-ah’ or ‘-i’ at the end of their name esp in THE WRONG CONTE XT (you prob can’t even tell the difference between -yah and -ah) like ‘sehun-ah’ 
  • give yourself a korean nickname (who the hell does this??)
  • aka basically using my language as a fuckin accessory and literally degrading it
  • think kpop fans saying some korean phrases is like kpop idols having english in their songs. newsflash: no
  • make fun of idols’ english 
  • or even think it’s ~sooo cute~ when they speak english
  • think korean men are hot (rlly? do u think roh moohyun is hot?) and want a ~*~korean boyfriend~*~ (or even worse go to korea to teach english)
  • want to be korean or ~feel korean at heart
  • have an URL like ‘koreanontheinside’ or ‘ilovekoreanboys’ or ‘asianatheart’ just no
  • think you know korean culture because you listen to kpop and watch kpop dramas and movies 
  • think koreans should ‘appreciate’ your ‘love’ for kpop and kdramas because ur ‘appreciating’ our culture when ur culturally appropriating and fetishizing koreans
  • excuse an idol’s problematic behavior by saying ‘but in korea it’s different’ or ‘they didn’t mean it / it was a joke’
  • excuse an idol’s problematic behavior period
  • do call out an idols’ problematic behavior BUT without taking in the context (as in, you don’t acknowledge that you are criticing it from a western perspective)
  • wish there was more diversity (read: white) in kpop but you don’t acknowledge the thai, chinese, mixed (lee michelle, yoon mirae), etc. singers in the korean music industry
  • edit gifs to make it ‘lighter’ aka bleaching the hell out of the idol’s skin tone and then make shitty excuses about it
  • if you like eatyourkimchi

(these mostly apply to anglophone, western, international fans .. i know there are some [native, immigrant, mixed, diasporic, etc] korean fans on tumblr that like kpop.. but most likely this prob applies to u)


boy it sure is hard trying to find a tv/movie character costume for halloween when you’re not white

#might just be mia wallace from pulp fiction but ok


Chanel Spring 2015 Details

#mixed feelings about this tbh
#cute #exo